Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The Jay Bible! MCII/6A

Got a J Bible today, The cover is a bit ratty pretty standard for it's age though, But the pages are mint the thumbing through I gave it today Has probably doubled the readers it's had, Bloody bargain at $15 And that included the courier fee, Thanks John.


magpie said...

Hi mate, well done finding the book, the last one I bought came from Australia and even with postage was cheaper than they go for in the UK.
Sorry I have not been in touch, but now back in the land of the living.
Regards rolyjb

... Grant ... said...

Gidday Roly,
I'm keeping an eye out for a Low Light for ya, Theres two J Manuals on TardMe ...
If you or anyone is interested.

magpie said...

Hi Grant,
Where is the up date, we want more pictures, we want interior pictures, we want chassis numbers, we want history! Don't keep it a secret..
roly jb