Thursday, 25 September 2008

Dragged the ole rust bucket (Chassis Number JR 23555,Which according to my learned friend Roly makes it 1954 vintage!) closer to home last week, It's about 10 Kms down the road where I'll strip it down a bit , Rust is a bit more prevalent than I realized nothing the sand blaster can't sort! well I'll have a two seater! At some stage this van was a sign writers wagon, Sign's (09) 420**** on passengers door


magpie said...

Hi Grant, Greetings How are you? how is the van or have you been given your marching orders and your now living in it.
Any progress do let us all know whats going on in Sunny NZ.

... Grant ... said...

haven't done any thing to the van yet! But I've got a set of doors lined up n.o.s. rear doors and good cond front doors and a front panel! been busy with work, also put a worked cam into the 120Y and now I'm having issues with valve clearances (rattly tappets) but she pulls like a school boy now! don't know about this sunny thing my back yard is still a swamp!